This week, I checked in on my celery propagule I had planted last week, and it seems to be doing really good so far! About 5 leaves have started to grow from the propagule and have a bright green color to them. Small roots have begun to grow from the bottom of the propagule that was submerged in the water of the cup. The propagule around the outside has begun to get moldy in small spots, but I don’t think that will be a big issue once I transplant the propagule to the garden. Below is a picture of my thriving propagule so far:

I’m still going to wait a few more days, maybe even a week, before I transplant the propagule to the garden. I think the roots need a little more time to grow more so that once they are placed in the garden, they will have a better chance of surviving the drastic change. I’m still trying to figure out where exactly I will transplant the celery in the garden, since I’m running out of space pretty quickly. There is a little space between the onions and the bell pepper, and it’s also in a good sunlight spot, so I’ll probably end up putting it there.