Unfortunately, this week was the demise of my propagule. I believe I left the celery in the propagule for too long, allowing for mold to grow around the roots. I should’ve transplanted it sooner to my garden. I ended up transplanting it anyway while the leaves were still green, but it was too late. The leaves have begun wilting, and will no doubt become fertilizer in the next coming days. Before I transplanted it, it had strong roots growing from the bottom, about 2 inches long. Below is a picture of my dying propagule after being transplanted to the garden:

While this propagule attempt may have failed, I learned a lot from it and will be trying again, most likely this week. I think I will do celery again, since that is what I’m familiar with. I think this time, I’ll have a better understanding of when the best time to transplant will be. I also think another problem that lead to the demise of my propagule was stale water, so this time around I will make sure to consistently replace the water in the cup on a more frequent basis. If this one goes well, I’ll probably work on regrowing another plant, perhaps sweet potatoes, since there’s a lot of good recipes out there for that.