Checking for Insects

This week, I took a closer look at the plants in my garden for any potential insects that could be harming my plants. Luckily (or potentially unluckily [is that even a word]) I didn’t find any insects or damages to the leaves of any of the plants currently thriving in the garden. I do have a small bottle of soap insecticide, so in the future if there are any, I will mix that with a little bit of water and just spray onto the insects. I am fortunate to have quite a lot of ladybugs around my aparmtent, since they act as a good natural defense, eating any potential insects that could damage my plants.

Garden Updates

In other news, my garden is, once again, doing great! A couple of my sunflowers have died unfortunately (I saw it coming), but one is thriving, gettting a much thicker stem. The pole beans are taking up A LOT of space, so I may have to work on trimming it down a bit to let the zinnia’s get more sunlight. The radishes are super tall now, almost taller than the pole beans, so I think they might be close to harvest time. My transplanted bell pepper and basil are doing super well too, looking very green and standing tall. Below is a picture of my bell pepper with googly eyes on it just because: