Harvest Time!

It’s finally time to reap what I sowed! As I mentioned last week, I was planning on harvesting my radishes and I did exactly that. I harvested 3 out of the 6 I had growing, since the other 3 still needs time to grow a bit more. Looking back, I probably could’ve waited another week or 2, but I was worried that they would be in the soil for too long and get spongy. Either way, I’m really happy with how they turned out. The pole beans will be next, I’m just waiting for them to get a bit more green. Below is a picture of the radishes before and after they were harvested.

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Spreading the warmth, and keeping it too

This week, I also looked into keeping my plants from freezing, because of course being in Florida, that’s a big worry (sarcasm). To be fair, it is getting a bit colder (40s) as we get close to December, so it might not be a bad idea to have a plan just in case, as I would like to continue keeping my plants alive during the winter and into spring. I designed an extremely complicated and advanced system that took hours to build. You can view the contraption below:

Yep. I put a zip lock bag on top of my plants. Simple, yet elegant. My plan for when I actually need to keep my plants warm is to cut a milk gallon jug in half and place that over the each plant. I think that design will be better for keeping it warm, but also have a much less likely chance of blowing away in the wind.