More harvesting!

The reason this is Week 14 is because I skipped blogging last week due to Thanksgiving. This week, I harvested more of the crops that were ready to be harvested. This included the pole beans and the green onions. In retrospect, the green onions were ready for a while, but I wanted to see how long I could get them (turns out, almost 1.5 ft long). Initally, I thought the pole beans would be ready when they turned solid green, but it turns out that they can stay a white color, as long as you can feel the hard bumps within the pod. I was able to harvest a good amount of the pole beans, but still have a handful growing to maturity in the garden. The reason this blog post is titled “the end (for now)” is becuase I’ll be taking a short break over december due to both final exams and because I’ll be home for the holidays. However, I definitely plan on continuing gardening in January, and adding more new seeds I haven’t grown before! For now, here are pictures of my pole beans before and after harvesting, as well as my green onions.

Other news

In other garden news, two of my Zinnia flowers have blossomed! They’re different colors too, which I was surprised by because I thought they would all be the same color, so now I’m excited to see what color my other Zinnia’s will be. Speaking of flowers, my sunflower is doing really great! The stem is very thick and I think it might be blossoming soon too. My bell pepper plant has grown A LOT in the past week, and I think we should start to see the beginnings of a pepper in the next coming days. If I could start gardening all over again, something I would’ve done differently is taking better care of my bell peppers so I could grow more of them (they’re one of my favorite vegetables). Below are pictures of my Zinnia, sunflower, and bell pepper: