Retrospection Time

I thought I would take this time to reflect on what I’ve been able to accomplish this past couple months. It started with just an empty 2.5x2.5ft square plot of dirt, and ended with flowers blooming and vegetables harvested. In the beginning, it was rough going, with a few of my plants dying early on, like my sunflowers and a couple of my zinnias. Once I made it through that, though, everything else was fairly easy going. The radishes started growing very quickly, and soon after that the pole beans dominated most of the garden (which I think is what led to my sunflower and Zinnia dying). I transplanted my bell pepper and basil and they luckily survived and are now thriving. I actually made pizza the other day and used the basil from my garden for it, which tasted really good! I’m starting to see little bell peppers growing so I’m definitely looking forward to that. For sentimental reasons, below is a picture of my garden plot at the very beginning, and right below that is a current picture of my garden.

Something I learned throughout this entire experience is placement of plants in my garden. I don’t think I should’ve planted my pole beans so close to my sunflowers, or at the very least I should’ve waited until the sunflowers grew a little before planting the pole beans. The reason for this is because the pole beans grew exponentially quicker than the sunflowers and shaded them completely.