Transporting the Goods

This was finals week at my school so everyone, including myself, was packing up to head home for the holidays. I started this gardening blog as part of a gardening class I was taking this past semester, but even though that’s done now (I got an ‘A’ btw [flex]) I’ve decided I’m going to keep it going because of how much I’m enjoying it!

However, because I was heading home for the holidays, I had to figure out a way to transport this 2.5x2.5ft garden on a 5 hour trip. Luckily I have a truck, bungee cords, a tarp, and some duck tape so that’s all I would need. Below is a picture of my roommate and I after hauling the garden down 3 flights of stairs.

Made it Home

I made it home with minimal casualties. The pole beans did not take kindly to being stuck in darkness for 5 hours during the day and started to wilt very quickly. It wasn’t a big deal though since I was planning on harvesting all the pole beans and removing them anyway to make space for some new plants (which I’ll get into soon). All in all, the garden survived, and my sunflower is doing better than ever! Below are some pictures.

New Plants!

Now that I have some more space from harvesting the pole beans and the green onions, I decided to purchase some new seeds. I always wanted to grow spicy peppers, so I picked up some serrano pepper seeds, and I also wanted to grow some tomatoes for my burgers, so I grabbed tomatoes seeds as well. I bought more peat pellets for the seeds, but decided I wanted to do a little experiment. I put some seeds in peat pellets and some seeds in just cups with the soil from my garden. I’m curious to see if the peat pellets make a significant difference in the growth of the seedlings, so I’ll keep you up to date on how that goes. Below is a picture of the cups and peat pellets. Happy Holidays!