Blooming time

This week was blooming week for both my zinnias and my bell peppers. Both my orange and yellow zinnias blossommed 2 other flowers, with another 2 on the way. As a side note, my radishes are getting HUGE! Like way bigger than I thought they would (or could) get, so I’m gonna keep letting those grow and see just how big they can get (and then make the biggest burrito ever for them). Not only that, but my bell pepper plant is doing really good! Before the actual bell pepper starts to grow, a flower blossoms first, and we already have about 3 flowers blossomed, with 2 more looking like they are ready to blossom any day now. What will happen next is the flower will die in a few days and the actual bell pepper will start to grow out of it. That part will take a while, I’m thinking a few weeks at least to get to a solid size, and even longer if I want to wait for it to get red instead of picking them when they’re green (which I will probably do a mixture of both). Below are pictures of my blossomed zinnia flowers, radishes, and bell peppers.

Tomatoe seedlings

As I mentioned last week, I planted tomatoe and serrano pepper seeds. Well this week, I’ve already started seeing the seedling of one of the tomatoes, and hope to have more to follow. I’m a bit worried about not seeing any of the pepper seedlings yet, and I’m wondering if I watered it too much in the beginning, but I’ll wait another week to see if we get any developments, and if not, I’ll plant a few more seeds and try with less water. Either way I’m super excited about my tomatoe seedling and I’m looking forward to transplanting that in the coming weeks. Below is a picture of my seedlig.