Harvesting My Radishes

I decided that it was about time to harvest my radishes, considering how big they were getting (especially one of them). Not only that, but the large leaves from the radishes were covering a few of my Zinnia and lettuce that needed more sunlight. So I pulled them out, carefully making sure I wasn’t pulling any other plants with it, washed them, diced them, and stored them. I decided to dice them instead of thinly slicing them mostly because I’m lazy and slicing takes way too long. I’m planning on making some burritos this week and I’ll use some of the radishes for that. I can also use a few leaves of my lettuce, since that’s also starting to get to a good size! Below are pictures of my radishes before and after being harvested and diced, as well as a picture of my lettuce.

After harvesting the radishes, my garden is looking a little thin, so I can’t wait until I can start transplanting. Below is a picture of my current garden now.

Spicing Up The Garden🌶️

As it’s the new year (happy new years btw), I want to start growing plants that I personally love eating. And I LOVE spice! So, along side my serrano and tomatoe seedlings, I’ve also planted jalapeno and habanero seeds. The recommendation for growing the jalapenos is keeping them inside for the first few weeks, but I think thanks to Florida’s warm climate, they’ll do ok outside (fingers crossed). I also moved the peat pellets into egg cartons because I didn’t like the solo cups they were in before. I mentioned the other week that I had planted my tomatoe and serrano pepper seeds in different containers to see which would grow better (if at all). I planted some in peat pellets and the others in cups (and one shot glass) with the soil from my garden. Well, currently it would seem the peat pellets facilitated a faster growth in the serrano pepper seedlings, but my garden soil facilitated a faster growth in the tomatoes. I still have a few more weeks before it will be time to transplant, so we’ll see if anything changes. Below are pictures of my new planted seeds and my seedlings in their new egg cartons.