Traveling Back

This past week was my first week back at school for spring semester, so that means another garden road trip filled with worry. This time was a lot better though, because I bought a truck bed cover, so I don’t have to rely on my hole-filled tarp held down by bungie cords and duct tape. The onky down side with this bed cover is that my garden (specifically my bell peppers) were slighty taller than the bed of my truck, so the cover was pressing down on the bell peppers leaves a little. Overall though, it was a much smoother trip than before, and my plants are fine. Below is a picture of my garden in the bed of my truck before the long road trip.

Other Updates

My garden made it back ok, but there was another issue I didn’t think of. It was significantly colder in my college town than back at my home town. My garden went from living in 65-75 degrees Farenheit to 35-45 degrees Farenheit. At the moment, the garden seems to be surviing pretty well, so I don’t think I’ll need to bring out the plastic bags to cover the plants just yet. My seedlings are also taking a while to come up, so I’m worried that might have to do with the cold weather as well, but we’ll give it more time and see. My bell peppers are doing really good, and I think were getting closer and closer to harvesting time. Technically I could harvest one of them now, but it would be just a miniature bell pepper, so I want t wait until it gets fully grown and maybe let it change color to yellow, orange, or red. Below are pictures of my garden back at my college apartment and my bell peppers :).