Transplanting The Peppers!

This week, I transplanted two of my serrano pepper seedlings to my garden. I still have one in the shot glass that I haven’t transplanted yet because it still needs another week or two. However, I also still have other seedlings that I’ll need to transplant within the next few weeks and I’m kind of running out of space in the garden. As of right now, I can probably fit another three seedlings in my garden, and I currently have about 6 seedlings. I have one tomatoe seedling that is far past being ready to transplant, but because I already have 3 tomatoes in my garden, I think I’m gonna leave that one as is and see how big it can get in just the egg carton. The other seedlings are jalapeno and habenero peppers. I think I’m gonna transplant 2 habenero peppers and 1 jalapeno when the time comes, and if I have space I’ll transplant another jalapeno. The two serrano peppers are nicely placed in the corner of the garden, next to the tomatoes. Below is a picture of my seedlings and also my transplanted peppers and tomatoes.

Other Updates

Other than that, not much else happened this week. One of my bell peppers is getting really really close to being ready to harvest, and I already have about 3 others that are starting to get to a good size. I’m heading out of town for about 5 days, so I’ll wait to harvest the bell pepper after that, and then start looking for recipes! The weather here is looking to be pretty rainy over the next few days, which I actually don’t mind because then I don’t have to worry about not watering my plants for 5 days. Below is a picture of my bell peppers.