Everything is Growing!

One of my onions finally sprouted and is visible through the soil! It’s now official: every type of plant I’ve sowed has sprouted! The radishes and pole beans sprouted very quickly, much quicker than any of the others had. My garden is starting to look more and more like a garden everyday :). The sunflowers are still the tallest, but they’ve started drooping a little, so I’ll have to keep a watch on them. Below is a picture of my garden and me watering them. I poked holes in the top of a plastic milk gallon to use as watering can.

Lettuce Wait

I started germinating lettuce seeds this week. I placed 2 in 2 separate peat pellets and placed them inbetween the basil and bell peppers. From what I’ve read, lettuce grows farily easily, so fingers crossed that it’s the same for me. I had to kill some of the basil and bell pepper seedlings, because they can’t all survive together in the peat pellet. Below is a picture of my egg carton with the germinating plants.

When I told my roommates about this gardening class, and now that they’ve seen the progress I’ve made so far, they want to take the class next semester! I’m hoping to continue growing plants even after this class has ended, so it will be fun to have people to grow plants with.