One of my bell pepper seedlings has unfortunately suffered a casualty. While on the window sill, the blinds fell directly onto my germination station, cutting one of the bell pepper seedlings in half. All that remains is the stem. I’ve left it there and have continued to water it in hopes that it may still survive. RIP for now, bell pepper seedling. Forever in our hearts.

Almost Ready To Transplant

Other than the one casualty, my other basil and bell pepper seedlings are looking really good! I don’t think they are quite ready to be transplanted yet, as they don’t have clear Cotyledons just yet, but I imagine in the coming week, it’ll be time to move them to the main garden.

Garden Growth

The garden itself looks to be doing pretty well! The plants are growing slower than I expected, but I think that tends to happen when they start developing more. Another of my onions have sprouted! The pole beans are now by far the largest plant in the garden. The sunflowers aren’t looking too great, they’ve become very twisty and fallen over quite a bit. Zinnia have started growing smaller leaves and the radishes are doing great! Below is a picture of the garden so far.