This week, I started germinating microgreens. The seeds sent by my professor were labelled “mystery” so I’m not sure what microgreens I’m actually growing, which makes things interesting. To germinate the microgreens, I recycled a strawberry container that I had lying around (definitely didn’t just buy strawberries for the container). I then placed a fiber pad in the container, and soaked it thoroughly in water. I scattered the mystery seeds onto the fiber pad, placing them close together. Finally, I wrapped the container wit the seeds in tin foil, and placed it in the corner of my closet, since the seeds need complete darkness for 72 hours to germinate properly. I’ve never grown or tried microgreens before, so it should be interesting to see how they turn out. I’ll also be harvesting the microgreens after only 10 days, which feels strange compared to how long it takes my other plants before they are ready to harvest. Below is a picture of the foil-wrapped container with the microgreens seeds (I forgot to take a picture before I wrapped it in foil, and I didn’t want to unwrap it cause it could mess with the germination).

Garden Updates

In other news, my garden is doing very well! The pole bean plants have started sprouting beans! I think they’ll be ready to harvest soon. My transplanted bell peppers and basil seem to be thriving and the radishes are growing a lot (they also might be ready to harvest soon). I’m looking forward to getting to taste what I’ve grown :).