Whenever I’m hacking a Windows/AD environment, I spend a significant portion of my time looking at cheat sheets online or googling for various tools and commands that I forget (my memory kind of sucks). Not only that, but when I go to these cheat sheets, I’m always using control+F to find the exact command I’m looking for, often taking even more time and requiring me to visit multiple sites just to find the right command. So I decided to create WADComs.

WADComs (short for Windows/AD Commands) is a collection of commands relating to anything involving Windows and/or Active Directory hacking. It also contains filters and a search bar, allowing you to find the exact command you’re looking for with ease (no more annoying control+F). I based the website heavily off GTFOBins since I really like their simple design.

At the moment, all the commands currently in the site have been added by me, but I also have a contribute page, detailing how you can contribute your own commands that you find useful for Windows/AD hacking! The project is open source, and links to the site and GitHub are listed below.

WADComs: https://wadcoms.github.io/

GitHub Repo: https://github.com/WADComs/WADComs.github.io